FAQ: All about Pro Pack

    How can I execute Pro Pack?
    Pro Pack opened from Dreamweaver. How can I launch it from my web browser?
    Can I use Pro Pack on my Chrome Book? What OS is compatible?
    I don't have a HTML editor. Can Pro Pack build my website?
    Can I save a setting into my local?
    I lost a key that I had received from "Build your own" tool. Can I restore?
    I'm using a different HTML editor. Does Pro Pack support?
    I want to add two or more same widgets into a page. Is it possible?
    I don't have my website domain and web-hosting service. Can I embed a widget from Pro Pack without a website domain?
    I don't know how to upload files into my web server. How can I do?
    I want to purchase Pro Pack without PayPal account. Is it possible to pay?
    I want to pay by eCheck. Does PayPal accept eCheck? When can I receive Pro Pack?
    I failed to download Pro Pack after completing a payment. How can I download again?
    I lost Pro Pack from my hard disk. How can I restore?
    I'm a Pro Pack user. Can you customize a widget more than "Build your own" tool provides?
    It seems some widgets from Pro Pack don't work for my site. How can I fix?
    How can I update to a new version? How often is Pro Pack updated?
    I have purchased a Single domain licence. Can I upgrade to Unlimited domain license?
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    Double click "index.html" or drag the file into your web browser. It will launch from your web browser. See a video tutorial

    Sometimes HTML documents open with HTML editors like Dreamweaver. In this case, you must drag "index.html" file to your web browser.

    Yes. Pro Pack is platform-independent. You can use from every platform where a web browser is installed. (you can use on Nexus as well.)

    Basically, Pro Pack creates an entire HTML code. Each widget will work like a web page individually but we recommend to get a HTML editor.

    No. Pro Pack is a web based application so it can NOT access to your local disk. Your settings will be stored to our web server.

    No. You must save your key code to somewhere on your local or note. There is no way to restore your key.

    Basically, Pro Pack creates a Standard HTML code so it should work with every HTML editor. We highly recommend to use a free trial.

    Yes. You can insert same widgets into a page through HTML snippet (iWeb) / iFrame (Other tools) as many as you want.

    Yes. However you must leave your website domain field as google drive and get your photo address from other sites like DropBox.

    We'd recommend to understand how to use FTP. This is the most essential for every webmaster. Download and use a FTP Client software (FileZilla or another). You will come to know how easy it is!

    Yes. PayPal can accept all payments from most major debit/credit cards without signing up PayPal. (but in some countries you may be asked to sign up.)

    Yes, PayPal accepts eCheck as well but it will take several days to be cleared. When eCheck is cleared, you can download Pro Pack. Please contact us if you can't download.

    A confirmation email will be automatically sent to you with a downloadable link. Try to download from the link. If there is a problem, please contact us.

    Please check your email that we have sent. There is a downloadable link of Pro Pack. If you lost the email, please contact us. (you must input the email address that you used when purchasing.)

    No. You'd better consider to buy "Installation Support Kits" to ask us customize a widget as you think. We're so sorry that we can't provide a customization service without the kit.

    Since every widget is composed of standard HTML and scripts, it should work on every website. We'd recommend to embed your widget via HTML snippet (iWeb) / iFrame (Other tools). If they don't work too, please contact us.

    Just click "Check for Updates..." button on the top of the home page. After you download a new copy, you must extract and re-launch Pro Pack from your web browser. We're trying to update Pro Pack in a couple of months. (Major update includes "New widget", and minor updates include Fixing a bug / adding a feature.)

    In the case that you want to use Pro Pack for your second (additional) website with a Single Domain licence, you should upgrade your license to Unlimited domains. Please contact us to upgrade your license.