Feature: "Build Your Own" Wizard

"Build your own" is a Code Wizard to automatically generate your own custom code that allows you to just copy & paste into your website by pressing Command + C / V (Macintosh) or Control + C / V (Windows, Chrome OS, Android...).
Basically this wizard is designed to aim that everyone can create their custom widget (based on each widget template) Easily and Quickly. Every code is naturally composed by following Standard HTML, CSS, and javascript so that they works on every platform and modern web browser. As a result, this magical tool will totally help you escape from getting hassle & worries about programming.
(NO HTML / Javascript skills required. Everyone can DO!)
You just need to input your custom data such as styles, options, and contents (media path / description / link address / etc...) and then click "Apply these settings" button. (If you insert photos, its correct size will be automatically calculated by clicking "Verify the actual size of every photo" button.) Finally, a wizard will deliver your own custom code to you! Read usage

Introduce 6 Magical Features
The only Pro Pack can deliver these exclusive experiences to you. These features are derived from many user experiences so they are user-friendly and easy to use.

I am Label

There are 7 beautiful color labels that make an incredible magic. It may look like just a color itself but how does the color make a magic? In Pro Pack world that is NOT impossible. Every color has its own different magic wand to let you share your contents with different style widgets. Each color label will deliver the big surprise to you by just one click. Read more

I am Preview

WYSIWYG tools can NOT provide the actual meaning of "What you see is what you get" on cross-browser and platform. Since you build a website, you have to construct it on a web browser NOT using a different software. This is our philosophy we emphasize on. Pro Pack consists of pure HTMLs so it delivers a REAL preview of your custom widget. Try this

RSS Feed to Color label

Have you ever thought to have a beautiful photo gallery from Picasa / Flickr / Google+ or even iWeb photo album on your website? Impossible was the previous answer before this brilliant feature has released. Images from any RSS feed sources can be automatically inserted to your custom widget with one click. Turn RSS feeds into a green / red label. Try this

Sync Web album / Podcast

No longer create, and upload a photo album to your web server. It wastes your web space, time, and network bandwidth. Instead, you can sync contents from Web albums / Podcast such as Google+ Album, flickr Photostream, Picasa Web Album, and so on. In addition, you can automatically import contents from any kinds of RSS feeds. Read more

I am Banner

Do not use Adobe flash anymore. It is heavy and not compatible with mobile platforms. Instead, Pro Pack lets you turn several compatible widgets into online banners which are made up of pure HTML (+ javascript), have no controls, and loop infinitely. Create your custom online ads with some cool effects via Pro Pack. Read more

We are Circles

Circle is beautiful, and natural. Currently, many application icons are turning from square to circle. Google, and Apple's profile icons are round now. Pro Pack also follows this trend. Pro Pack lets you choose Rectangle (Square) or Circle as a thumbnail's shape from some specific widgets (check the lists below). We all are being in the Earth that is Circle! Read more

I am Label (Sharable)

There are 7 beautiful color labels that do a wonderful function. Each color is NOT just a color itself. They allow you to create other different widgets with one click in a second!
This is a new concept to share your existing contents with other widgets having a same label. This magical feature will help you save your energy and time by skipping "Insert contents" work.
Just save your settings from a widget that you are building up, and then click "Load your contents only" button from every widget in the same color label.
Only one click makes wonder. Share your contents with a variety of widgets in a second!
Is this feature clear for you? We hope you would be more clear about how "I am Label" works. See more details

* If you click a color label on the right bar, you'll be directly moved to the widget lists that belongs to the color.

I am Preview

Deliver a preview of your custom widget as same as its look from your website in Real-time!
Pro Pack directly launch from your web browser and every widget is loaded by 100% same method as every website does. Therefore a view provided by "I am Preview" is totally same to the view to be loaded in your website.
This means you can save much time as to skip testing whether a widget correctly works or not from your web browser while in other WYSIWYG tools like iWeb and Dreamweaver you have to publish your web pages in order to check how it appears on a web browser. We believe that web elements should be built in a web browser which is only the place they can live.
"I am Preview" presents the perfect view of your custom widget from your web browser by using Client-side programming only so that it does NOT save or use anything from your local. (100% safe for virus / hacking because there is no executable files and no PHP.) Experience this

I convert RSS feed to Color label

There are numerous beautiful photo albums on internet. Google and Yahoo are now providing excellent photo cloud services. However there was no way to bring them into your site while we can enjoy them within their service areas. (For sure, you were able to manually copy & paste each photo address to Pro Pack but this feauture will entirely skip those time-consuming processes.)
Now is all possible through this wizard. Just copy a rss address from Google+ album, Picasa web album, Flickr photostream, and any other numerous RSS feed sources then paste into this tool. It delivers not only all images from the RSS feed but also super convenience and fun to you and your site. Additionally you can save your time and effort. Meet this exclusive feature ONLY in Pro Pack!
+note: Especially for iWeb users, you can re-create various styled beautiful photo galleries / showcase widgets from your exisitng photo (album) page. Experience this

Sync RSS Feed / Web album / Podcast

Take full advantage of the powerful RSS feeds. RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed is a simple XML file that automatically syndicates recent contents. This benefits you no more updating your code. In other words, this feature always keeps syncing the contents from a RSS feed.
Every content is automatically updated and synchronized from feeds to the compatible snippets. Pro Pack perfectly supports to sync RSS feeds (standard format), Web albums (e.g. flickr, Google+, Picasa, iWeb, and etc.) as well as Podcast, and delivers them to beautiful widgets. (also supports podcasts and blog entires that published by iWeb.)
Create your custom photo galleries (web album), audio / video playlists (podcast), and text animations like "Hot News Headline" (RSS feed) via Pro Pack!

* There are 17 widgets that support RSS Feeds / Web album / Podcast.
* supported web albums: Google+, Picasa, flickr Photostream, iWeb Photo album, and any RSS Feeds including pictures.

I am Banner (Convertable)

Are you still using Adobe Flash to create online banners? If yes, you are missing many customers visiting from tablets and mobiles because they don't support flash. Flash is currently being depreciated due to the security issues, and heavy-loads. (We don't deny the fact that flash can create much more amazing animation effects than HTML5.)
Through Pro Pack, you will be able to create your custom online ads with some cool effects. The banner is 100% made up of HTML and Javascript so it will play (loop) on every platform. Don't miss any visitors from iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. Attract them from your beautiful banners without restrictions.

* There are 7 widgets that support a banner mode (no controls, auto loop) :
- Nivo Slider HD
- Stretchy Slideshow
- Nivo Slider
- Panoramic Slideshow (Smooth Div Scroll)
- Fade Slideshow
- Photo Slideshow
- Apple style Photo Slideshow

We are Circles

A circle is Beautiful - The Sun, Moon, and Earth all are round.
A circle is Powerful - The Watch, Wheels, and Lens all are round.
Currently, many application icons are turning from rectangle to circle. Obviously this is a Trend. So as to follow this wave, Pro Pack also provides a not only Rectangle (Square) but also Circle as each thumbnail's shape. You can make your gallery more beautiful just by turning thumbnails to Circles. We are sure that you'll also love Circles!

* There are 7 widgets that support 'Circle thumbnails'.
- Nivo Slider HD
- Photo Gallery with thumbs-Grid
- Photo gallery with arrow
- Nivo Slider
- Image zoom with thumb gallery
- Product Multiple Viewer
- Auto Fading Carousel

Two fingers' Magic from DropBox, Google+...

While you are playing around Pro Pack, your two fingers (thumb, index finger) may feel tired because many functions can be done by pressing Command + C / V (Macintosh) or Control + C / V (Windows, Chrome OS, Android...).
Many WYSIWYG tools allow users to drag a picture to your template. In some cases they may feel convenient but we believe this is NOT an appropriate method in the point of the view that Web is Open to public. Our method that allows users to copy & paste the address of every web resource will help you save your time and storage.
As a result, you can create your beautiful photo gallery with photos from somewhere on web such as DropBox, Google+, Facebook, Flickr, and any other websites. Especially Pro Pack supports an address from DropBox so you can use every link from DropBox to "Build your own" wizard as easy as you can. For example, whenever taking a photo from your smartphone you can simply copy its web address and add it into your widget. (The photos from your smartphone should be synced to a cloud service like DropBox, Google+, Facebook, Flickr, and etc.) See inside | Read usage

* Every widget is supporting URLs from externals except for Gray scale gallery widget.

Save your custom settings

You can save your custom settings (styles, options, and contents) to our server (it doesn't abuse your hard drive) in order to re-edit later. From this process you will get a 32 bytes-unique key that you can share / use later.

Load your custom settings

You can load your custom settings (styles, options, and contents) from our server (you must keep a 32 bytes key that you received when you save.) in order to load in a second. With this key you can share your custom widgets with your friends and family to build a clone.

Auto Updater

Since Pro Pack is being updated (Minor update includes upgrading features, and Major update includes adding a new widget.) you can download a fresh version when updated newly. Keep watching the evolution of Pro Pack!

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Essential Tricks for iWebsites

iWeb has several critical compatibility issues that we MUST fix. Every webmaster should apply these to your iWebsites to improve the performance and make it more professional. See more details