Mission: Becomes a Pro Webmaster

    iWeb is an easy web-building tool which every Macintosh user can use but there are many critical issues that iWebsites have. You may be stuck in these issues below:
    "My website is so slow to be loaded." "How can boost my site's google rankings?" "How makes it look professional like apple.com with a litte budget?" "What is the easiest way to manage my site?"...
    Beyond iWeb delivers you perfect solutions through comprehensive tutorials, tips, tricks, (more specialized in iWeb but supporting all kinds of websites) as well as a variety of professional widgets (supporting every web editor beyond the iWeb).
    This site aims that everyone can publish their professional websites without learning any programming skills on a little budget. You will find the best ways to master all steps throughout the website lifecycle. 
(planning - designing - developing - publishing - promoting - monitoring - maintaining)

    What benefits this site will provide:

    • For iWebsites you can fix some critical compatibility issues for mobile devices and IE.
    • For every website you can improve your site's performance and boost traffics.
    • For every website Pro Pack will help build a professional-looking website (inspired apple.com).

    Finally following these online activities your business would see much improvement.

    It's time to stretch!

    It's time to Stretch! - Express your beautiful pictures extensively from exclusive galleries.

    Pro Pack - Create your custom widgets

    Pro Pack is a collection of the Code Wizards including 70+ custom widgets. "Build your own" is a magical tool to automatically generate your own custom code that allows you to just copy & paste into your website. Every widget in Pro Pack is designed only to use Standard HTML, CSS, and javascript so that they works on every platform and modern web browser. (100% verified on cross-platform) Never worry about programming. No HTML / CSS / Javascript skills required. You just need to input your custom data and grab your own custom code! Read more details

    New Approach for Newbie to Pro...

    While using Pro Pack, your two fingers (thumb, index finger) may feel tired because basically the most frequent work is to press Command + C / V (Mac) or Control + C / V (Windows, Chrome OS, Android...). You can build your own custom widget by repetitive copying and pasting method. (For sure, you may need to type a description or something to customize a widget.) Furthermore if you take advantage of its smart features such as "I am Label", "Convert RSS feed to Color label", and "Sync Podcast / RSS feed", you would be allowed to use just one index finger. Save your time and energy. Read more details

    • green
    • yellow
    • gold
    • red
    • brick
    • pink
    • black

    I Build your own

    "Build your own" is a Code Wizard to automatically produce your own custom code that allows you to just copy & paste into your site. Are you afraid of learning HTML / CSS / Javascript? Never worry about them anymore! This wizard will allow you to use only two fingers without any background knowledge and skills. Experience

    I am Label

    There are 7 beautiful color labels that make an incredible magic. It may look like just a color itself but how does the color make a magic? In Pro Pack world it is NOT impossible. Every color has its own different magic wand to share your contents with different style widgets. Just one click delivers the big surprise to you. Read more

    I am Preview

    WYSIWYG tools can NOT provide the actual meaning of "What you see is what you get" on cross-browser. Since you build a website, you have to construct it on a web browser NOT using a different software. This is our philosophy we emphasize on. Pro Pack generates standard code so it delivers a REAL preview of your custom widget. Try this

    I convert RSS Feed to Color label

    Have you ever thought to have a beautiful photo album from Picasa / Flickr / Google+ for your site? Impossible was the previous answer before this brilliant feature has released. Images from any RSS feed sources can be automatically inserted to your custom widget with one click. Turn RSS feeds into a green / red label via this smart converter. Try this

    PLUG Joker
    "Hello, I am an actor of Beyond iWeb.
    I'm performing to introduce free wizards, tutorials, and many other sections without guarantee."

    PLUG Kitty
    "Hello, I am an actress of Pro Pack.
    I'm performing to introduce pro wizards, and many other features with guarantee."

    Comprehensive Tutorials - Becomes Pro...

    iWeb can be a professional tool with acknowledging many advanced web components, and techniques. However, not like other professional web building tools, it has limited features to make it difficult to look professional.
    Fortunately, after appearance of HTML snippet in iLife'08 (iWeb 2.0 or later), almost all standard web elements and fancy widgets can be embedded to your iWebsites without difficulties.
    Hundreds of tutorials would help you handle complicated web techniques as easy as possible. Since each tutorial targets everyone from newbies to power users, any users who don't know HTML at all, can follow the tutorials then implement them into their websites.
    With understanding of basic iWeb features take great effects such as photo galleries, social plugins, cool menus, and so on... into your website here, right now! Go to tutorials

    * Many of tutorials are more specialized in iWeb rather than the other web editors. If you are using another tool, you can do insert a widget or plugin via snippet or iFrame (HTML snippet for iWeb).

    Cool Widgets - Distinguish your site from the rest

    There are numerous web elements on internet. Unfortunately, not many awesome web components can be built on iWebsites, furthermore iWeb does NOT include excellent widgets as default. It is hard to satisfy those who want to build professional websites only with the several basic widgets while wordpress provides a number of fancy web plugins though.
    Many cool widgets discovered on internet or developed by ourselves are available on this section. All of we are providing, are 100% polished, and re-developed for working perfectly on cross-platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, and so on. We would highly recommend to use HTML5 / jQuery powered widgets instead of flash to clear compatibility & security issues.
    Go to see all widgets list

    * Photo & Multimedia - Photo gallery, Slideshow, FancyBox, Video gallery, and Music player.
    * Showcase & Versatiles - iFrame showcase, Custom RSS feed, Item browser, Animation effects, and so on...
    * Menu & User Interface - Diverse menus, table, tag clouds, and essential web elements.
    * Inspired apple.com (special) - Mimic favorite styles of photo gallery, showcase, and menu from apple.com.

      Tips & Tricks for iWeb - Did you know?

      Go to read all tips & tricks

      Guides - Grab fundamental web elements

      We highly recommend that beginners or those who do NOT know standard webpage (HTML) structures yet, should read step by step guides before you design a website. Each element will be linked to a corresponding tutorial. Go to read the guide

      iWeb World - Find iWebsites on the map!

      The world map is a big, free area for every iWeb users who is our neighborhood.
      Make your own mark of your website on the map, and let people visit your website across the world. More important thing than building a site is to tell people about your website.
      If you run local business websites, marking your location on the map would be the best way to reach to your target market.
      Additionally, you can easily find a specific website you want. Vice versa. Simply, you can make your own mark on the this iWebsite map just by submitting several information to us. With your contribution to add your position we can build our online village bigger and bigger.
      Welcome to iWeb World! Go to see the iWebsites map