Guides for specific targets

There are a number of tutorials, widgets (free / pro), and tricks in this site. You may find it hard to know appropriate elements for your site. This section suggests the best combination between appropriate layouts and web elements for specific targets. Take a look at below, and let's have a time to think about how your site looks like. Your unlimited imagination will be realized by acknowledging requirements, and professional snippets classified in these sections below.

  • Everyone - Build the standard layout for Welcome and Homepage.
  • Bloggers - Don't be jealous with wordpress. iWeb blogs can be beyond the wordpress.
  • Film makers - All in one to attract your audiences ...professional looking elements.
  • Musicians - The best combinations of music player and cover albums for indie Musicians.
  • Photographers - Display beautiful photo galleries derived from smart album showcase.
  • Apple fans - Mimic the beautiful apple website. Special elements inspired by

for Everyone

for Bloggers

for Film makers

for Musicians

for Photographers

for Apple fans