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    current version: 1.7.3

    Pro Pack - Single Domain
    $14.99 (USD)

    guarantee free upgrade to 2.0
    Available for One website
    (recommended for all users who build and manage a single website)

    Pro Pack - Unlimited Domains
    $24.99 (USD)

    guarantee free upgrade to 2.0
    Available for Multiple websites
    (recommended for web designers who build unlimited websites)

    * Pro Pack includes "70+ Code Wizards" with cool features, and "Automatic Updater". Browse All Widgets
    * As Pro Pack is a digital product, no refund is available in any reasons. Before purchase, you can experience a free trial version. Try to check whether it works for your html editor or not. Read refund

    Customization Service

    Pro Pack is super-easy to use, and does NOT need any backgrounds. Everyone can do!
    However, there might be additional requests from you. You would need to buy Customization (Installation) Service for these reasons below:
    - I want to customize a widget more beyond the "Build your own" tool.
    - I want to create a contact form from my Google drive form, which works like this form.
    We'll directly help you successfully install your custom widgets up to 3.

    * You must have Pro Pack if you would ask us to customize a widget in Pro Pack.

    Customization Service Kit
    $9.99 (USD)

    Available Up to 3 Widgets

    (This is NOT a product but Service. To ask our help, you must fill out a request form that this kit will provide.)
    Quick Guide to purchase Pro Pack
    Please see each payment step that you will go through PayPal payment system. Don't forget to click "Download" button when you complete to pay.

    If you decide to purchase Pro Pack, choose either Pro Pack - Single Domain / Pro Pack - Unlimited Domains. Then click "Buy Now" button. Please wait for some seconds until reach to the PayPal page. Your payment for this purchase is 100% processed securely by PayPal.

    PayPal will ask you how you would like to pay. Choose one Payment method, and click "Pay now" button. You can proceed without creating a PayPal account. Make sure your e-mail address is correct. (eCheck will take 3-5 days to be cleared. If you are hurry, please contact us.)

    Once you complete your payment, "Download" button (if you did NOT sign in PayPal) will show up with "Thank you for your payment" message. Click it (if the button appears). Please wait around 10 seconds until moving to the Confirmation page. (Do NOT close your web browser!)

    About Payment

    We currently provide payments through PayPal only. PayPal can accept all payments from most major debit/credit cards without signing up PayPal. Therefore you'll be able to purchase Pro Pack although you don't have a PayPal account.

    No recurring payment

    Buying Pro Pack is One off purchase. There is no subscription fee and any additional charges. In the case that you want to use Pro Pack for your second (additional) website with a Single Domain licence, you should upgrade your license to Unlimited domains. Please contact us to upgrade your license.

    Update for free

    Pro Pack includes "Auto Updater" so that you can update it to the most recent version of Pro Pack. After you download a new copy, you must extract and re-launch Pro Pack from your web browser. (This program will NOT automatically overwrite the previous version.)

    No Refund

    As Pro Pack is a digital product, NO refund is available in any reasons. To make sure that users have clear understanding before purchasing Pro Pack, we highly recommend to experience a free trial or see Tour / Usage page. Please read our refund policy below or contact us for more details if you are not clear about Pro Pack.

    Refund Policy

    As Pro Pack is a digital product, NO refund is available in any reasons.
    Since we are not able to control the activation / deactivation of a license remotely, it is not possible to "return" the software and ensure that the license is no longer used. Therefore, we do not provide refunds as a safeguard to prevent unauthorized use of licenses. This is a general policy to many other non-activated software products.
    Before purchasing the Pro Pack, we highly recommend to experience a free trial version, and try to check whether it works for your html editor or not. (Pro Pack 100% works for iWeb 3.0 or later. If you are using iWeb, you don't need to test at all.) You can also review each widget in Pro Pack from our tour page or it is encouraged to watch videoclips from our usage page.

    Copyright / License

    Every code are using jQuery v1.7+ under MIT license. Some of them are under the GPL / GPU licence. Therefore you are free to redistribute your own CODE and/or modify it under the terms of each license. Every JS file corresponds with the several licenses such as MIT, GPL, and GPU. (For further information of these license, please read a comment written in the script.) The credits written by the original authors and us should be protected.

    What's included?

    Pro Pack includes Code Wizards that allow you to customize +70 widgets, scripts, and images.
    Photo Gallery - Create +20 beautiful photo galleries with photos from all around web.
    FancyBox - Make your site more fancy with Fancybox (v1.3.4) which is one of the most powerful web plugins. Additionally Pro Pack enhances it with Smart Kits.
    Video Gallery - Instead of movie template of WYSIWYG tools, use these to solve compatibility issues. It supports MP4 / M4V playback on every platform including mobile.
    Showcase & Versatile - You can present your idea with these dynamic but familiar looking widgets. All possibilities are up to you.
    Menu & User Interface -Beyond the basic, this category includes fundamental widgets that make your site get more standard layouts. See all widgets list

    After purchasing Pro Pack...

    Just extract zip after you download then double click "index.html" or drag the file into your web browser. It will launch from your web browser. (must click "Open" when a message show up.)