Cool Widgets: Distinguish yours from others

There are numerous web elements on internet. Unfortunately, not many awesome web components can be built on iWebsites, furthermore iWeb does NOT include excellent widgets as default. It is hard to satisfy those who want to build professional websites only with the several basic widgets while wordpress provides a number of fancy web plugins though.
Many cool widgets discovered on internet or developed by ourselves are available on this section. All of we are providing, are 100% polished, and re-developed for working perfectly on cross-platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, and so on. We would highly recommend to use HTML5 / jQuery powered widgets instead of flash to clear compatibility & security issues.

Photo & Multimedia

Free widgetsPro widgets

Diverse styles Photo Gallery, Slideshow, FancyBox (+ Smart Kits), Video Gallery, Simple music player, and etc. Most of these widgets are included in Pro Pack to alllow you easily to customize their styles via "Build your own" tool. Additionaly Pro Pack users can share their contents with different style galleries.

Showcase & Versatiles

Deliver your idea with these dynamic but familiar widgets. iFrame showcase, Custom RSS feed, Item browser, text animations, animation effects, and etc.

Menu & User Interface

Professional looking (drop-down) menus, Smart table, Tag clouds, Combo list, Google custom search, and essential web elements.


Most people like Apple website. Mimic many of the favorite photo galleries, video showcases, item browser, and menus from