Version History

    DateRelease NotesVersion / Relevant modules
    02/15/2013Pro Pack 1.0.1 is released!1.0.1 / all
    02/28/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.0.2.
    1) New buttons (view / add / up / down) are newly added into every compatible widget.
    2) Banner mode is newly added into Nivo slider, Fade slideshow, Panoramic slideshow...
    3) A new style (default) is plus to Custom search field widget.
    4) FancyBox series are all updated.
    5) Some bugs are fixed.
    1.0.2 / all
    Photo Slideshow
    Bonus Pack
    03/07/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.1.0.
    1) Introduce an amazing feature: RSS Feed to Color label Converter is newly developed.
    2) FancyBox + Smart Kits series are updated. (option: "equal thumbnail size")
    3) Red label widgets are updated. (new feature: Load thumbnail paths according to their suffix.)
    4) Video galleries (mp4 / m4v) widgets are updated. (shared videos from DropBox are supported.)
    5) Smart Table is completely renewed.
    6) Some bugs are fixed.
    03/12/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.1.1.
    1) RSS Feed to Color label Converter supports "Picasa", "Flickr", and any other RSS feeds.
    03/22/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.1.2.
    1) A Color label is added to each widget in the Quick Browser.
    05/05/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.2.1.
    1) Every resource has been placed to Google drive hosting for better stability.
    2) New widget: Modern Navigation menu
    3) New widget: Breadcrumb
    4) Some bugs (save / load function for FancyBox + Smart Kits) are fixed.
    Menu & User Interface
    05/15/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.3.1.
    1) New widget: Ultimate Navigation menu
    2) New widget: Smart Anchor
    3) New widget: Date for Blogs
    4) New widget: Random display image
    5) New widget: Auto scrolling text
    6) Several social plugins (links only) are added.
    Menu & User Interface
    Useful Tricks
    Showcase & Versatile
    06/04/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.3.2.
    1) New widget: Bookshelf pro
    2) Modern Navigation menu is updated. (more styles)
    3) Some bugs ("load your contents only" button) are fixed.
    Showcase & Versatile
    Menu & User Interface
    06/12/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.4.1.
    1) New widget: HTML5 Music Player
    2) Item Browser finally get Green label worn!
    3) Apple style Video Gallery supports to sync Podcast RSS feed.
    4) Every navigation menu (brick label) can include images.
    Showcase & Versatile
    Video Gallery
    Menu & User Interface
    06/21/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.4.2.
    1) New feature: Sync RSS Feeds. This feature automatically loads photos from a web album such as flickr, Google+, Picasa, iWeb, and any other RSS feed sources.
    06/30/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.5.1.
    1) New widget: 3D Rotation Viewer
    2) New widget: Floating Tab Menu
    Showcase & Versatile
    Menu & User Interface
    07/31/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.5.2.
    1) Some bugs are fixed.
    12/22/2013Pro Pack is updated to 1.6.1.
    1) New widget: Popup Widgets
    2) Supports up to 1024px of Photos from Google+ album. (higher resolution)
    3) Supports an actual caption from photos from Google+ album.
    4) New Installation guide: EverWeb, Blogger
    5) Some bugs are fixed.
    Menu & User Interface
    02/26/2014Pro Pack is updated to 1.6.2.
    1) New feature: We are Circles. Turn every thumbnail into circles.
    2) Some bugs are fixed.
    Photo Gallery
    Showcase & Versatile
    08/07/2014Pro Pack is updated to 1.7.1.
    1) New widget: Nivo Slider HD
    2) New widget: Stretchy Slideshow
    3) Supports up to 2048px of Photos from Google+ album. (sync to RSS feeds)
    4) Some examples (Best Practices) are newly linked.
    5) Some bugs are fixed.
    Photo Gallery
    08/26/2014Pro Pack is updated to 1.7.2.
    1) New feature: Sync to video lists from YouTube / Vimeo.
    2) Finally, supports photostreams from Instagram for 'sync to RSS feeds' function.
    3) Languages written from Right to Left (Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac...) are supported.
    4) Some bugs are fixed.
    1.7.2 / all
    Photo Gallery
    Video Gallery
    02/09/2015Pro Pack is updated to 1.7.3.
    1) Supports to select hosting server lists.