Why needs Pro Pack?

    • Easy to use without any skills
      Never worry about programming and image-editing skills. Just let Pro Pack do.
    • Your time and energy are invaluable
      Don't waste your resources anymore with smart features ONLY in Pro Pack.
    • Enjoy it everywhere for every web editor
      Pro Pack is platform-independent. If there is a web browser, Pro Pack will be.
    • Follow new technology trends
      Deliver new HTML5 powers and high-quality views seen even on the Retina display.
    • Perfect for Small business / Individuals with a little budget
      Building a professional website does NOT mean high cost.

    Everyone can be Pro without background

    Pro Pack includes 70+ professional widgets that are coded as HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript. Every code looks like very complicated but you do NOT need to edit the code at all. Through a code wizard called "Build your own", you will automatically get your own custom code without any programming. This tool will provide a full customization from your input data. Almost all users are NOT HTML (web programming)-savvy but they have built their beautiful websites by themselves just as professional web designers do. In addition, Pro Pack helps you skip editing images because it will provide you smart conversions such as smart-cropping, size-adjustment, and gray-scale.
    Super easy to use, furthermore it gives magical effects to your site like apple.com. You deserve being Pro. Read our references

    Save your Time and Effort

    There are several brilliant features that you can experience ONLY in Pro Pack.
    These smart features will completely save your time, energy, and effort. Just let them do, and you will get great results in a second.
    I am Label - One click makes diverse styled widgets in the same label. It will help you find the most appropriate style as soon as possible.
    RSS feed to Color label - Import all contents (images, captions, and links) from a lot of web albums + iWeb album by one click.
    I am Preview - Don't spend time on testing your custom widgets from a web browser. You are already looking at a custom widget in your web browser.
    Sync Podcast / RSS Feed - Automatically sync your favorite Podcasts / RSS feeds to beautiful widgets. Be proud of your custom playlist!
    Read more about Features

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    Enjoy Pro Pack on every platform

    Pro Pack is 100% made up of pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript so it opens from your web browser without installation. This means it is platform-independent and you can make use of Pro Pack on every device where a web browser is installed such as Windows PC, Macintosh, ChromeBook, Ubuntu, Android, and so on...
    In addition, since "Build your own" tool generates standard HTML code, it will easily combine with every web editor like iWeb, Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, Rapidweaver, Wordpress, and etc through snippet (iframe).
    Finally, every widget is 100% verified on cross-platform. There are a lot of internet environment in the world. Pro Pack considers every surrounding. Read more about Usage

    Experience powerful HTML5

    HTML5 is smart, powerful, and only one solution that alternates flash. (flash is now being depreciated because it is platform-dependent and heavy.) Pro Pack itself is also made by HTML5, and also most of the widgets take advantage of the power of HTML5. Build cool animation effects onto your site without flash.

    Preserve High resolution for Retina display

    Someone wonders the reason why an image quality is decreased when published to internet. That's because many web editors force to compress the actual image's resolution or make it scaled down. This would be a problem on the high-resolution display such as MacBook Retina, ChromeBook Pixel, iPad, and etc. Pro Pack does NOT compress or scale your pictures down at all. When a webpage is loaded, a widget will automatically calculate the best size of each image according to the widget size without manipulating its quality. Be sure your site always delivers the best quality to visitors.

    Perfect for Small business and Individuals

    We know that the majority of small business / individuals rent a shared web server to run their websites. Their web hosting fee would be probably less than $10 per month. This is very important factor that we have to use more client-side programming as every widget in Pro Pack works rather than server-side programming (PHP, ASP...) because the web server is NOT only dedicated to your website. If your site causes your shared web server to be overloaded due to database and PHP, the web-hosting company may disable your site. Pro Pack does NOT affect to your web server's performance at all because it 100% works as client-side. A widget will be loaded only from a web browser. This point is the reason why we recommend Pro Pack for small business and individuals. Make your site work great with Pro Pack, and keep your site up on a little budget for all the time.