It's time to stretch!

    It's time to Stretch! - Express your beautiful pictures extensively from exclusive galleries.

    Overview: Hello, Wizard!

    Pro Pack is a collection of the Code Wizards including 70+ custom widgets. "Build your own" is a magical tool to automatically generate your own custom code that allows you to just copy & paste into your website. Every widget in Pro Pack is designed only to use Standard HTML, CSS, and javascript so that they works on every platform and modern web browser. (100% verified on cross-platform) Never worry about programming. No HTML / CSS / Javascript skills required. You just need to input your custom data and grab your own custom code! See all widgets list

    New Approach for Newbie to Pro...

    There has not been any tools like Pro Pack. This is a New Approach for everyone to make their website more fancy. Pro Pack is NOT a drag & drop tool but more powerful, flexible, and light because it allows you to take full advantage of web resources from anywhere in online. For example, you can insert a photo which is located in DropBox, Facebook, Google+, and other numerous websites or a video clip from YouTube, Vimeo into your custom widget! Don't drag or save into your local disk anymore! Read more

    Two fingers make magic!

    While using Pro Pack, your two fingers (thumb, index finger) may feel tired because basically the most frequent work is to press Command + C / V (Mac) or Control + C / V (Windows, Chrome OS, Android...). You can build your own custom widget by repetitive copying and pasting method. (For sure, you may need to type a description or something to customize a widget.) Furthermore if you take advantage of its smart features such as "I am Label", and "Convert RSS feed to Color label", you would be allowed to use just one index finger. Save your time and energy. Read more details

    Simple, Standard, Sharable...

    Every widget has simple & similar template each so you can easily get familiar with using Pro Pack. "Build your own" wizard will automatically generate your custom code which is following Web strict standard. Therefore you can share your custom code with those who want to insert a clone to their websites. Wonder is not still ended. A widget can also share its contents with same color-label group! It means you can create a different styled widget in a seconds! See more features

    • green
    • yellow
    • gold
    • red
    • brick
    • pink
    • black


    • A HTML editor / CMS (Content Management System) such as iWeb 2.0 (or later), Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse, EverWeb, Rapidweaver, Coffeecup, Blogger,, Wordpress...etc.
    • A web browser (Safari / Firefox / Chrome).
    • Optional - Your web space (provided by a web-hosting company) and website domain.
    • Optional - FTP Client software like FileZilla or another. (this is optional but recommended)
    • Imagination, Passion, Idea, and Time
    * You may not need to purchase a web hosting service if you have your own web folder like DropBox because you can upload (or sync) your photos into DropBox and also other resources such as graphics and scripts are hosted by However, in any cases we would recommend to have your own website domain.
    * Pro Pack is a Web-based application so that you can use it from every platform such as Macintosh, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android.

    Respect every visitor

    Everyone has their own different DNA.
    They have a right to enjoy their own taste.
    Regarding web, an user prefers each different web browser.
    Therefore a Website should look and work same on every platform / web browser.
    However, in real world WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) tool like iWeb / Dreamweaver does not provide an identical view which is dependent on a web browser.
    That would be a serious problem that cause to distract your potential customers from your website.
    Every widget in Pro Pack is completely verified on every modern platform like IE8 or later, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and mobile OSs. Pro Pack is designed only to use Standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Every code follows Strict Standard. With the clean code, we also have a variety of testing environments so that we can deliver 100% verified code to you.
    Don't use Flash or dependent web scheme to your website and don't get stressed out of compatibility issues anymore! Experience a free trial

    Two fingers make Magic to...

    Pro Pack is a collection of the Code Wizards. Every widget has its own code generator.
    It produces and delivers only your custom code to you.
    Create and insert your custom widget through just two fingers (Thumb and index fingers).
    Every widget uses a same way to build your custom widget. You can just copy & paste your own custom code (automatically generated from "Build your own" tool) into your website.
    Additionally this power will allow you to share your widget with your family, friends, and colleagues. Thus you can deliver your unlimited clone widgets... Go to purchase

    * Please check a tool that you are using. Click to see how to insert a widget into the builder listed left. If your tool is not listed left, click "Web Editor".
    * Except for iWeb, we would recommend to embed your custom widget through a iFrame maker. For sure you can insert your custom code via a snippet.
    * We'd strongly recommend to experience "Free trial" and try to insert your custom code into your tool to make sure whether works or not.

    I Build your own

    "Build your own" is a Code Wizard to automatically produce your own custom code that allows you to just copy & paste into your site. Are you afraid of learning HTML / CSS / Javascript? Never worry about them anymore! This wizard will allow you to use only two fingers without any background knowledge and skills. Experience

    I am Label

    There are 7 beautiful color labels that make an incredible magic. It may look like just a color itself but how does the color make a magic? In Pro Pack world it is NOT impossible. Every color has its own different magic wand to share your contents with different style widgets. Just one click delivers the big surprise to you. Read more

    I am Preview

    WYSIWYG tools can NOT provide the actual meaning of "What you see is what you get" on cross-browser. Since you build a website, you have to construct it on a web browser NOT using a different software. This is our philosophy we emphasize on. Pro Pack generates standard code so it delivers a REAL preview of your custom widget. Try this

    I convert RSS Feed to Color label

    Have you ever thought to have a beautiful photo album from Picasa / Flickr / Google+ for your site? Impossible was the previous answer before this brilliant feature has released. Images from any RSS feed sources can be automatically inserted to your custom widget with one click. Turn RSS feeds into a green / red label via this smart converter. Try this

    With Magical features...

    I am iFrame - This feature will transfer your custom code into an iFrame. You can use this function to save your time and hide complicated code from your page. See more features
    I am Banner - You can convert several photo slideshow widgets to cool online ads. Read more
    We are Circles - Turn every thumbnail into Circles. Read more
    Sync Podcast / RSS Feed - Automatically sync your favorite Podcasts / RSS feeds. Read more
    Save / Load your custom settings - Pro Pack delivers 32 bytes Key to you. This means you can share your custom settings with your friends and family to build a clone.
    Auto Updater - Since Pro Pack is being developed (Minor update includes upgrading features, and Major includes adding a new widget.), you can experience its evolution together.
    Essential Tricks for iWebsites - It introduces several comprehensive tips & tricks to make your iWebsites beyond the iWeb. Every iWebmasters MUST follow the essentials. iWeb is NOT just for entry levels. Believe that iWebsites can be professional. See more details

    Beyond Pro Pack - Best Practice

    There are many possibilities to collaborate Pro Pack with powerful web resources such as Google+ album, Google Drive, iTunes Podcast, RSS feeds, Presentation, and so on. Thousands of users are using Pro Pack as a wide variety of purposes. Look at the best practices and come up with a new idea for your own website! See our references

    I always think about Easy Web for everyone...

    I would always like to share my web-programming skills to our world. It was a big challenge for me to discover new & easiest way that everyone likes to use.
    I believe Pro Pack introduces an innovative way completely different from other existing solutions to you. In that we should take advantage of all public web resources (don't waste web resources any more!), I hope we are able to recycle & recreate them as a new format that you want through Pro Pack.
    I promise I will keep doing my best to share more rich and advanced widgets through Pro Pack. Read more details
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