Feature: I am Preview

Look at your custom widget as same as its look in your website in Real-time!
Pro Pack directly launches from your web browser and every widget is loaded by 100% same method as every website does. Therefore a view provided by "I am Preview" is totally same to the view to be loaded in your website. (It may be a little different according to your custom CSS or script but totally look same in HTML snippet / iFrame.)
This means you will NOT waste your time to check a widget on your web browser while in other WYSIWYG tools like iWeb and Dreamweaver you have to publish your web pages in order to check how it looks like. As a result, this big difference would help you save your time and effort.
"I am Preview" presents a perfect view of your custom widget from your web browser by using Client-side programming only so that it does NOT save or use anything from your local. (100% safe for virus / hacking because there is no executable files and no PHP.)
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* To experience "I am Preview", please customize your preferred settings then push "Load this preview" button. This priview will display only 7 example pictures.

* Customize styles (input your desired maximum photo width / height.)

* Font styles

* Optional settings

This live demo is dynamically loaded when you push "Load this preview" button.