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Generate a Gallery from your favorite RSS feed

Just one RSS feed makes a beautiful gallery or showcase!
Some widgets of the Pro Pack can sync not only a web album but also any standard RSS feeds. This example shows a magic way to turn a general RSS feed into a beautiful photo gallery without any efforts.
There are tons of RSS feed providers over the internet. Many of news / portal websites allow people to subscribe their blog entires or articles. Pro Pack lets a gallery or showcase widget subscribe your favorite news as well. Refer to this example, and make a magic to your site.

1Prerequisite - Grab your favorite RSS feed

There are numerous blogs or news sites over the internet. Most of them allow people to subscribe their recent entries / articles via RSS feeds. Go to one of your favorite websites, then grab their RSS feed address. (In the case that a RSS feed address begins with 'feed://...", you should burn it into standard format like 'http://...' via FeedBurner.)
Once you have copied a standard RSS feed address, you are ready to generate a gallery / showcase importing the feeds.

2Settings for an widget (Build your own wizard)

Move from an external site to 'Build your own' wizard of Pro Pack, then choose a Widget that contains a 'RSS feed' icon (supporting 'Sync RSS feeds' feature). Scroll down to 'Sync RSS Feeds' options, and turn 'sync' on. Choose 'Others' from 'feed generator' lists.
Copy & Paste the rss feed into address. Optionally, you can turn 'link' on. These are all steps to be done.

Mission completed!

Below is a final example by following these steps above. Compare between Engadget, and this showcase. Whenever an entry is added into the following blog / site, this widget will be also automatically updated without any works.

* Comments
If you try to embed this widget via iFrame, the iframe page should be inside your website domain due to SOP (Same Origin Policy). Buy Pro Pack