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Sync a Gallery with Google+ Albums

One of the coolest functions of Pro Pack is to sync a web album / RSS feeds. This example introduces the best way to create a photo gallery on your website. Google+ provides such a great online albums for free. Very stable, and speedy!
While you manage (add / remove) your pictures only in the Google+ album, the album is perfectly syncing to a specific widget on your website. With following these steps, you can save your web spaces, enormous time, and network bandwidth. Refer to this example, and create your own.

1Prerequisite - Create your Google+ (page)

There are several social page providers over the internet. Many people like Facebook Page but I'd highly recommend to join Google+ page instead of Facebook if you are running a business or want to have more functionalities. Google+ provides many great features to link with your website. Many of Photo galleries in the Pro Pack also supports to sync with Google+ albums.

Do not upload pictures into your web server, instead use Google+ albums. This is because you can save your web server's spaces, and network bandwidth. Google+ is totally free, and you can upload pictures as many as you can without any limitations. (they are also providing a powerful image editor.) You can even promote your page from Google+ as well as your website simultaneously.

Once you have joined Google+, upload some pictures to an album. Then, choose one of the albums to sync (import) into a gallery widget.

2Choose an album from your Google+ page

Click an album that you would like to import into your website. Look at the address bar. For example, from this Google+ album, Your User ID is numbers highlighted in Red, and the Album ID is numbers highlighted in Blue. We will use these two numbers later on.

3Share the chosen album to Public

The chosen album SHOULD BE VISIBLE TO PUBLIC to allow everyone to be able to see your pictures in the album. DO NOT forget to change the album's permission to 'visible to public'.

4Settings for an widget (Build your own wizard)

Move from Google+ to 'Build your own' wizard of Pro Pack, then choose a Widget that contains a 'RSS feed' icon (supporting 'Sync RSS feeds' feature). Scroll down to 'Sync RSS Feeds' options, and turn 'sync' on. Choose 'Google+' from 'feed generator' lists.
Copy & Paste 'User ID' and 'Album ID' each. These are all steps to be done.

Mission completed!

Below is a final example by following these steps above. Compare between Google+ album, and this gallery. Whenever you add a photo into the following Google+ album, this gallery will be also automatically updated without any works. In addition, the photo in the gallery will be automatically reflected if you edit a photo from Google+. This is the reason why we'd highly recommend to sync a Google+ album.

* Comments
This gallery and Google+ albums (wonderful specimens) are from M Natural History Institute. We have advised how to easily manage both a website and social networking service to the director of the museum, and finally he adopted this tip to their beautiful website: Buy Pro Pack