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About iWeb

iWeb is one of iLife software. I have seen that my surroundings who are using Macintosh, use iPhoto, and iMovie but I realized they never or seldom use iWeb because some of them felt that iWeb is quite difficult among iLife. I would like to remind you iWeb is also your part of money of which you buy Macintosh. You need to utilize your expensive Mac at maximum.
iWeb is NEVER difficult. Everyone can do!

Why choose iWeb?

  • No or small amount of budget. The first reason I really love iWeb is a sort of free application if you are a Macintosh user because iWeb is a kind of bundle software on Mac. (For sure, you should buy iLife package ('09) if you want to install it on another Macintosh.)
  • Easiness. It is really easy to handle it. Although you are just a user who does not have any backgrounds of HTML, you can build very beautiful graphical websites by yourselves. It would be your portfolio pages, your blogs or professional websites.
  • Loyalty. I love Apple Inc. I have tens of Apple's products such as Mac mini, iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook, iPhone as well as iPad. If you are lovers of Apple, you can understand me. This is a kind of respect for them.
  • Integration. iLife package covers all multimedia such as music, movie, photo, and web. If you organized your photo, videos, and music with iLife, the last thing you left is to show and share yours on word wide web. If you subscribe Mobileme, iWeb amplifies the value of your subscription.
  • Extensibility. iWeb has an potential ability to make your websites advanced. Think out of box. More efforts and creativity, much more brilliant results.

This is my thought on iWeb. Everything is up to your choice. Below I illustrated Pros and Cons of iWeb as my thought. This is just my personal opinions.

Pros (You CAN do)

  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get): Not required knowledge of HTML code. As you just draw, web browsers will show itself. This means you can create very graphical web pages.
  • It provides tens of free templates like iWork. Hence, you just need to pick up your style as its look. For sure, you can create your own style on Blank pages.
  • Very easy to publish all pages on fast speed. In addition, if you have purchased a hosting service, you can publish your web pages using integrated FTP feature which iWeb has.
  • Basically, iWeb provides limited features. However with our tutorials and widgets, you can do everything. Possibility is unlimited.

Cons (You CAN'T do)

  • There is no way to modify HTML code within iWeb. If you are professional developers, you may feel annoyed in that. However with very simple tricks, you can do. That's why this site named Beyond iWeb.
  • Comparing with other web building tools like Dreamweaver, the features iWeb has are inferior, because it doesn't provide very basic features like Hover button, anchors, and etc. However, with this site's guides, you can do almost all things other applications provide.
  • Basically, you can't develop websites on different Macintoshes, because iWeb doesn't allow it. However, there is a trick Apple didn't reveal.
  • Last but not least, I'd like to say Nothing is impossible. All things are up to our efforts and creativities.

We hope this guide is helpful to get rid of any concerns or fears creating websites. Just like you can make a short film just by shooting via iPhone or a small camcorder, you can build a professional looking website without professional web building tools. This is a power of technology. Technology can broke the wall between professionals and amateurs. We believe you can do better than us.