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Attach PDF

As I know, many of iWeb users run their website for the purpose of their portfolio showcases, self-introductions, and other personal uses. Here you will need to attach your resumes or cover letters which are formatted as PDF. If you don't know how to attach PDF on iWeb, through this simple trick you can do it as well as attach all kinds of files. Attaching PDF is really a good way with comparing to other document formats because most of web browsers are compatible with PDF. Try it now.


  • Go to the PDF file which you want to attach into in the Finder.
  • If you find it, please drag it onto the page which you wanna insert.
  • You can see the cover photo of the PDF on the page. THAT IS JUST A IMAGE FILE, NOT A PDF.
  • Resize and replace the cover image just as you want.
  • Select the image, and then open "Inspector".
  • Go to the "Link" tab on the Inspector.
  • Check on "Enable as a hyperlink", and set "Link To: A File".
  • A Pop-up file browsing window will show up, please choose the PDF file which you will attach.
  • Successfully, the cover photo is now linked with the PDF file.
  • Everything is done. Publish your website.
  • If you want to know where the PDF file is located in your server, probably the file is placed in the "yourpagename_files" directory.
  • In general, most of web browsers integrate with PDF viewer so if someone clicks the link, it wouldn't be downloaded. By right-clicking and selecting "Save as", a PDF file can be downloaded.