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Black and White Image

One of the most useful feature of iWeb may be integrated image controller which calls "Adjust Image". It is really easy to handle and just dragging sliders of various properties makes images look different. Even though I'm skillful at photoshop or aperture, and other Macintosh imaging tools, on iWeb I'm used to adjusting images on itself because it helps us save much time. Here, I would like to let you know a very simple trick to manipulate images just as you want. Don't waste time on editing images. Instead, more time on composing new contents.


If you are professional designers or good at photoshop or editing images, you may not need this tutorial. This is for iWeb users who don't have skills editing photos or want to reduce time to modify images as quickly as possible by using iWeb-built-in Image controller.

  • After inserting image files onto your page, please click "Adjust" button on the bottom menu or you can open image controller window by "View > Show Adjust Image". After you've done, you can see the window below.
  • Select the image which you wanna convert into Black & White.
  • On the "Adjust Image", take a look at "Saturation". Normally unless you adjusted it before, the slider should be in the middle.
  • On "Saturation" slider, drag it to zero (to left).
  • You can see that the image is successfully turned into Black & White image.
  • You might try to adjust other properties such as Temperature, Tint, and so on... If you want to make it original, you just need to click "Reset Image" button.
  • "Enhance" button is able to make your image more vivid but sometimes, it makes the images look worse.

* Bonus tip: How to make an image look Sepia tone?
Make sure sliders of all properties placed in the center.
Drag the temperature slider to 50 ~ 60 (to right).
Probably, the adjusted image looks sepia tone. I recommend to test as many as you can. Only with this image controller, you can do manipulate images as you desire very easily.