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Essentials about iWeb

iWeb have a variety of graphical templates at default. Hence, many users tend to focus on making pages more beautiful rather than understanding fundamental things. Of course, since iWeb is a WYSIWYG tool (What you see is what you get), basically users don't need to know about basic rules of web. However, I would like to say more fundamentals make even look better. So I, myself wanna give you a very simple tip but important for iWeb. I will not mention about all basic features, because you can refer to help page. I hope this tip can deliver a little bit of help to you.


This guide is only for a beginner who has never touched iWeb. If you have any experiences, you can skip this guide, because it will waste your precious time. We all look at more advanced step for our future.

  • Turn on your Macintosh, and open iWeb from your dock.
  • iWeb is opened. You are ready to construct your own website.
  • Please, click the menu File > New Site or if your iweb is opened for the first time, you can see the window below.
  • Click "White" template on the left menu, and choose "Blank" page on the right side.
  • The blank page is created. You can see "Text" in the heading box on the top. You should write your title on this box. The text will be shown on the title of your page <head> tag as well as body. If you remove this box, your page title will be replaced to your page name. Decision is up to you. (I would recommend you to keep this box because your page title should be unique and easy to be searched via any search engines.)
  • Click "Text Box" menu on the bottom like below image.
  • If the text box is created on your page, you can type any text you want. This text will be "Main Text" of your page.
  • Once you have done, you can publish your web page to your web server via FTP.
  • Your web page is successfully uploaded. Hence, you can visit your website by typing your URL.
  • Here, I will illustrate the most important tip of this page. Since there are numerous websites on internet, your website should be unique and easy to be searched via search engines. I will give an example by searching on Google. For example, I typed "PLUG creative" on the title text box or heading text box, and "Plug creative is...." on the text box I added. On google search result page, it looks like below:

    Generally the title of the search result is from <title> tag, and the description is based on <meta name="description"> tag.
  • If you don't write any words on your heading text box or title text box, google may not search the specific page, because the page can't be identified. That's why I would recommend you to keep these text boxes.

If you think the heading box (which will be used as a page title) is inappropriate for a page, you can remove the heading text box, and other unnecessary elements on a template.
But you MUST input page titles because title tag is one of the most important html elements for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Instead of inputting it on iWeb, you can use an alternative way to allow you to input titles for every pages along with "meta tags". You can jump into "Insert Title tag" tutorial.