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QuickTime Movies

iWeb can easily include all kinds of multimedia such as Photos, Music, and Movies as well. Especially iWeb provides the best solution to play Quicktime mov, m4v, and mp4 formats. So if you target Macintosh users, they can watch the video clip without any additional components. However Windows users may not watch the Quicktime movies without additional components. Before I will give you an essential tutorial compatible with all platforms using HTML 5, I'd like to describe only a basic feature related to video clips, QuickTime movies.

What formats of video clips can iWeb support?

  • QuickTime mov: Basically iWeb supports QuickTime mov formats as standard. However mov requires Quicktime player or active-x for Internet Explorer on Windows. Portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod can't play mov format. I wouldn't recommend to insert QuickTime mov format if you want people to watch it on all platforms.
  • H.264: All Apple Inc.'s products can support to play this format. However, the problem is this format compressed rate is pretty high so that it requires pretty heavy time to play it. Usually, if I add video clips on iWeb, I choose this format. However, I would recommend you to use an alternative way if you are higher than a middle-level user of iWeb.
  • MPEG-4: This format is almost same as H.264. Recently, this format wouldn't be recommended. H.264 is better to play movies. This is quite heavy compression, but lower quality. Not recommended to play on web.

How to insert movies onto a page (using Quicktime plugin)

  • Go to the QuickTime file (Available formats: mp4, m4v, mov. Other formats can't be inserted.) which you want to show into in the Finder.
  • If you find it, please drag it onto the page which you wanna insert.
  • You can see the movie file. Open "Inspector" and go to "QuickTime" tab.
  • Through this control panel you can trim the movie by adjusting "Start and Stop".
  • If you want to make cover photo of the movie, you can set the specific frame by dragging "Poster Frame" slider.
  • There are three options such as Autoplay, Loop, and "Show movie controller". You can check on them according to your style.
  • If you check off "Show movie controller", users have to double click in order to play and stop it.

What is the best solution for playing video clips?

Do NOT directly insert a videoclip into iWeb. Many web browser do NOT naturally support QuickTime movies.
It's highly recommended to use this HTML5 Video Player instead of Quicktime mov plugin because not many platforms and web browser do NOT include a quicktime plugin as default.
If you are looking for HTML5 Video Gallery (multiple video player), please refer to Pro Pack page: Video Gallery (mp4, m4v)