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You may know... vCard is a standard name card on web instead of paper. Attaching vCard would be a great solution to let people directly get in touch with you, if you run business websites or portfolio websites. Everybody is able to download your vCard on all platforms such as PC, Macintosh, as well as portable devices. As soon as it is downloaded, It will be automatically merged into your address book, smartphone, and outlook's address. For sure iWeb can do it as well if you do a couple of easy works. Let people get in touch with you by your vCard.


You MUST have "Address Book" which is a free-installed application on Macintosh. If you don't have any contacts in Address Book, I strongly recommend you to manage your all contact lists on this application. This is perfectly compatible with iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

  • Open "Address Book" application on the dock or in the application folder.
  • When it is opened, please select one of the contact cards which you want people to download. If the vCard is not generated yet, right now create new vCard by >File > New Card>.
  • If all necessary fields are filed out (Usually Last and first name, company, title, phone number, email address as well as website.), you are ready to export this contact information to a vCard to be attached on iWeb.
  • Go to the menu, and click "File > Export > Export vCard..."
  • The vCard would be successfully saved in your designated folder.
  • Let's go back to the iWeb application.
  • Insert an image which you used for the vCard onto a page, or you can insert Texts which you want to present for the vCard.
  • Select the image or text to be link to vCard.
  • Open "Inspector" and select "Link" tab.
  • Check on "Enable as a hyperlink", then select Link To: "A File" on the combo box. Then type "your vCard.vcf" file to be downloaded.
  • The alternative way is that you can upload ".vcf" file into your web server via FTP, and then you can make a link to the vCard url by setting Link To: "An External Page". Instead of the nature ".vcf" file, you can compress it as ".zip" file, and link to it. It is up to you.
  • Make sure that the you can download the vCard from your web browser.