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Date for Blogs

This is a iOS icon-inspired widget to display Month and day. As default it will show current date (based on client system time), or it will display Blog-posting date for iWeb Blog entries.
Available sizes: Small (70x70), Medium (85x85), and Large (256x256).

* This widget is also included in Pro Pack. Pro versions enable users to save and load their code with additional customizable options.


Build your own

  • Choose the widget size.
  • Click "Apply these settings", select the entire codes. Then, press Command + C (Mac) or Control + C (Windows) to copy.
  • Paste the source code into HTML snippet in iWeb. (Non-iWeb users can also copy & paste each code in the <head> and <body> to each tag.)

* Optional settings

* Copy and paste this code above into HTML snippet (iWeb) or snippet (for other tools, follow "Installation Guide"), and see if it works on your web browser.

I am Preview

This live demo is dynamically loaded when you push "Apply these settings" button. This preview may not be same to the actual view in your website.
* Important! Don't click a link from this preview. It will make you leave this page out so that you may lose your own code.