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Raining Effect

This original plugin is from http://rain-demo.heroku.com/. You can get further information from that site. Since the original plugin did NOT work for iWebsites we modified some parts of the original source code. This effect can NOT apply to the entire page. Only applicable for a specific element ID. (e.g. <div id="rainy-area">...) If you do NOT change the default element ID, 300px square (black) will be created. You can edit its size and style as well.


waiting rain...

Build your own

  • Choose several options.
  • Click "Apply these settings", select the entire codes. Then, press Command + C (Mac) or Control + C (Windows) to copy.
  • Paste the source code into HTML snippet in iWeb. (Non-iWeb users can also copy & paste each code in the <head> and <body> to each tag.)

* Optional settings

* Copy and paste this code above into HTML snippet (iWeb) or snippet (for other tools, follow "Installation Guide"), and see if it works on your web browser.