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Word Cloud

This word cloud snippet does not scan primary keywords in a specific page as well as filter top of frequently occurring words. Instead of scanning keywords, this widget displays pre-defined tags. Thus you can directly input stylish tags that can be linked to specific urls. This original source code is created by www.sjeiti.com (http://plugins.jquery.com/project/TagCloud).


Build your own

  • Input data in the fields below.
  • Click "Apply these settings", select the entire codes. Then, press Command + C (Mac) or Control + C (Windows) to copy.
  • Paste the source code into HTML snippet in iWeb. (Non-iWeb users can get an iFrame code by clicking "Make an iFrame" button.)

* Customize styles (+10px paddings will be added inside the widget.)

* Optional settings

* Insert contents

* Copy and paste this code above into HTML snippet (iWeb) or snippet (for other tools, follow "Installation Guide"), and see if it works on your web browser.

- iFrame code for non-iWebsites (other tools except for iWeb)

I am Preview

This live demo is dynamically loaded when you push "Apply these settings" button. This preview may not be same to the actual view in your website.
* Important! Don't click a link from this preview. It will make you leave this page out so that you may lose your own code.