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Title Tag

Title Tag which is "<title></title>" in HTML code, is the most essential to identify a web page of website. Even though iWeb also allows to set Title of a page, I wouldn't recommend to use the default Title text box because the title you input into Title Text box will show up as not only real Title on the top of web browser but also normal texts inside Body tag <body>. This is really weird function, so I would remove the Title Text box. I'd like to describe a useful solution to let you input each pages' title individually as well as manage other tags here.

Why needs an alternative way in order to add titles of each pages.

iWeb has a serious problem for adding page titles. A title of page is determined by typing on Title text box like the image below or typing on Heading text box.
Welcome or About me templates provides a Title Text Box for users to add each pages' title, but Blank template doesn't.
It only provides Heading Text box. Hence, once you type any words in this box, it will appear as both its title and heading (similar to <h1> tag). As a result, titles show up in the page not only on the top of web browser. Therefore, there is no way to make only a page title within iWeb. I don't know the reason why Apple Inc. developed like that. However, this is a reality we have to overcome.

If you want to build a professional website with iWeb, this is a mandatory process to solve iWeb's crucial problems. Don't make duplicated words in body and title tags. This necessary process is your choice, but you MUST need I think.

The Best Solution to add Titles

  • If your page still includes "Title Text box" which indicates its name once mouse over it, please delete them on all pages in your website. They are definitely unnecessary after you have done this following process.
  • Please download and install an application, "iWeb SEO Tool" from http://www.ragesw.com/products/iweb-seo-tool.html. This application is VERY ESSENTIAL for iWebsite. It provides several necessary features iWeb doesn't have. Not only allowing to add titles, it does work to help your website rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. This software is only working for iWeb.

To use iWeb SEO Tool

  • If you subscribe web hosting services (upload your website by FTP), you MUST publish your website into local disk on iWeb in order to use this application. Publish a website into a Local Folder you designated. Then, upload files to your web server via a FTP application. From my experiences, the best FTP client software is FileZilla. This is free, and very fast to upload files via FTP. You can download FileZilla, http://filezilla-project.org/. Don't upload your website directly from iWeb. It takes more time as well as you may lose many necessary processes.
  • It is not mandatory to follow these processes but I would strongly recommend if you want to build a professional website. Make sure your website's publishing settings are set like the image below. Even if it seems to require more works, actually it just takes a couple of minutes more. Essential elements for your website definitely compensates your precious minutes. Believe me. It will innovate your website to be great.

To add Titles by using iWeb SEO Tool

  • If you decide to publish your website into a Local Folder, you are ready to add titles to each pages. Here I will not cover all tasks to add Titles, and other necessary tags because iWeb SEO Tool also provides tutorials in detail. You can also learn about how to do essential processes for your website by opening application, then choosing a menu, "Help > iWeb SEO Tool Help" which automatically will show a PDF Guidebook. Such a very useful tutorial for iWeb!
  • Follow the guide below:
  • Once you have completed to add titles to all pages of your website, all you need to do is to upload your website to your web server via FileZilla (FTP). (If you do not know how to upload your site from local to web, please read this tutorial: The best way to publish)
  • You can notice every web pages of your website shows different titles you typed. Search engines like Google will also index the modified titles. (It may take several days for Google to collect them.)
  • Google identifies pages of your website according to each title. More important is not page filenames but each page title.