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Tweet Button

To let people share your articles or blogs. the best way would be embedding Tweet Button. As you may know, many blog sites provide many social buttons including Tweet button. Among them, the most powerful would be Tweet button. Linking tweet button is free but some of your blogs can be big topic by a number of twitter users. Allow people to share your page with Tweet button. This is your turn to have Tweet button!


  • If you don't have your twitter account yet, please sign up, then create your account.
  • Go to this page: https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#tweet
  • There are several options that you can choose. Choose one of them, and customize it.
  • You can grab your embed code. Copy the code!
  • Go back to iWeb.
  • Insert a HTML snippet. Then paste the code into HTML snippet box.
  • However here is very important issue. If you are inserting a Tweet button that shares a PAGE URL, you must grab your code from below. This is because the HTML snippet is NOT an actual page. It will cause people to share a different address. Please recreate your code for iWebsites and paste it into HTML snippet box. (Input your twitter id, and words for tweet button as well as your preferred language code, then push "Apply" button.)

* Tweet Button Wizard for iWebsites (only for Tweet button for sharing a page)