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Embed Flash media

Dreamweaver is a great tool for creating, and inserting flash media to websites, on the other hand, iWeb is not. It seems like Apple is not familiar with Adobe. You may know that flash media is not like a quicktime movie, and photos. It requires a flash plug-ins to be displayed on the web browser so that just dragging and dropping flash media into iWeb will not make anything. I explained the best way to embed flash media into your site on this tutorial. Through the specific method, decorate your site with some awesome animations.


If you want your site to be more aesthetic, inserting flash media would be the best choice. You can create eye-catching effects with your contents. However, a coin has both sides. Generally flash media is quite heavy as well as it does NOT work on mobile devices such as iOS, and Android.
That's why I didn't embed any flashes into my site. (because I'm far away from aesthetic.)

What is the easiest way to create flash with cool effects?

I have tried to use several softwares for creating flash media. From my experiences, I would recommend to use BannerZest. This is not a freeware but worth to buy it. (There are two versions, standard, and pro version. In my opinion, pro version is better with a reasonable price.) The reason why I recommend this software for iWeb users is that it provides the easiest way but delivers powerful graphics.
Another reason I recommend is that it provides a flash with javascript-based code. What is meaning is it doesn't require internet explorer users to install or update Adobe flash active X. This is really important to retain visitors in your site. Some visitors may escape from your site once a message box shows. Many users don't know how much important it is, but this feature is tiny but brings out a big effect for your site.

How to user this flash making software is super easy. Just drag your photos you want to add, and drop them into this application. Then you just need to select a theme, and customize several options such as caption, flash size, ratio, and etc. Download the software, and use the trial version. Once you feel great, you better purchase the license.

Universal way to embed flash media (Using jQuery flash script)

This way should be used for inserting "SWF" file (single flash file) into your site. If you just have any swf file, you can use this method to embed them to your website. If you are using "BannerZest", you may not be interested in this trick but I would recommend to use this universal way if you wan to link a "SWF" file to your page.

  • Download the script file. (This script is created by http://jquery.lukelutman.com/plugins/flash/index.html)
  • Extract the zip file onto your hard drive, and upload "jquery.flash.js" into your web server via FTP. (If you do not know how to upload via FTP, please read this tutorial: Publish to Local Folder.) I recommend to create "js" folder on the root, then place it into the "js" folder.
  • Take a look at this code below:
  • Replace the "SWF" file path (src:...), and dimensions (width:xxx,height:xxx). A flash path can be relative or absolute including "http://...".
  • Copy the entire code, and go back to iWeb.
  • Insert a HTML snippet. Then paste the code into HTML snippet box.
  • Adjust the size of the HTML snippet box. Please click "Apply" button on the HTML snippet box.
  • Open your web browser, and see if your flash works.