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Increase PR

This is one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial series. Actually, websites built by iWeb, is not familiar with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that SEO process MUST be manually done by yourself. Designing and building websites is important, however, unless SEO processes are done, your site may run as your private site. This tutorial will let you know super simple but essential tip to help your site get more traffics from search engines. Through this tutorial, see what secret is hidden behind of your site.


Before beginning with this tutorial, you MUST add your site to Google. This is a Mandatory course unless you run a private website. Even if you don't register your site to google, nobody will visit your site. If you didn't add to google yet, please follow "Add website to Google", first.
This tutorial is really simple, but this trick which I will tell you, would make a big change for your site through ranking up your site on Google search.

I would recommend to follow the essential SEO-related tutorials below:
Add website to Google | Analyze & Monitor traffics
I will add more tutorials about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for iWebsites later. (Actually, iWeb is not familiar with search engines. If you didn't go through any processes related to SEO, your site may not get a lot of traffics.)

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is a internal system Google has. This system is used to calculate how popular a website is, so through this system, google decides which positions a webpage or website will be placed when a specific keyword is searched. It is very complicated, and has lots of complex algorithms so that it is impossible to know exactly how Google PageRank works. If you use banned tricks or hidden keyword to make your site rank up, Google will find out it. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no way to intentionally rank up your site. No tricks is acceptable. Within the guideline, we should use some methods to get ranked up. Here, I would like to introduce one of the most essential way to increase traffics to your site.

The most important thing to increase PageRank

There are lots of URL styles across the web. For example, the most common url is starting from "www.yourdomain.com". Many people visit this url including "www". But, here is a big problem. Many hosting services also allow people to visit your site from "yourdomain.com" without "www". (On DNS settings, there would be "*.yourdomain.com". This setting will accept all traffics into "www" or any other sub domains.) This setting will cause your page ranking to be split down.

To solve this problem, we should unify your website address. All incoming traffics should be redirected to just ONE URL. For example, someone inputs "www.beyondiweb.com" on the browser. Without this solution I will describe, the destination will be "www.beyondiweb.com" same as the url an user input. This will result in splitting down your page ranking. To solve this problem, we should redirect the address to "beyondiweb.com" without "www". All incomings will redirect to "beyondiweb.com". This will prevent your site ranking from being split down. This is the best solution I have found, to increase your page ranking without any losses.

Step by Step Guide to unify your site address

  • We will change your web server's configuration. The below code will automatically redirect to "yourdomain.com" (non-www) from any sub domains like www.
  • Save this code to "t.htaccess" file (use TextWrangler or any other text editors), then upload this file to the root of your web server via FTP. (If you do not know how to use a FTP application, please refer to this tutorial: Publish to Local Folder)
  • Once successfully uploaded, please rename it to ".htaccess". (Just delete "t" one letter at the first.)
  • Open a web browser, and try to go to your website to check whether it works correctly or not.

Type your site URL including "www" on the browser. If the url automatically changed to "yourdomain.com" without "www", it works correctly. If it does not work at this time, it may take several time because of your cache. If it does not work even some time later, probably your hosting web server is not apache. This script is only working under the apache server environment.